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Create a Weight Loss Motivation Board in 5 Simple Steps

I always tell my clients to keep visual reminders of their weight loss goals around their home, car, and office. These could be sticky notes stating their “whys” for losing weight, or motivating quotes, inspiring images, pictures of their kids, etc. Along with this, I think it’s really helpful to create a single home for these reminders in a weight loss motivation board.

Not only does the actual practice of creating the board help you establish your goals, but it’s also a great place to go when you’re feeling unmotivated. They’re super simple and inexpensive to make, and I’ve written a brief tutorial with everything you need to know below. I’ve also included some images you can print out to get started!

What Is a Weight Loss Motivation Board?

A weight loss motivation board is just like any sort of vision board. It’s a collection of images and phrases that motivate you and keep you focused on your goals. It’s something you can keep in your office, bedroom, kitchen, or workout room to remind you of your reasons for staying committed. You can also record weekly goals and check off each day that you achieve those goals, which is very satisfying and motivating!

Before we get into the details of your board, let’s first talk about what a weight loss motivation board is not:

It is not a collection of pictures of fitness models. No, No, NO.

I’ve seen this countless times. People post pics of their ideal body image on their refrigerator to keep them from reaching for that piece of cake. First of all, if you’re listening to anything I say, that piece of cake won’t be in the refrigerator in the first place (except on special occasions!)

Secondly, fitness models are not real. They do not live in the real world like we do. Either they are very young with a very young person’s metabolism, they are one of a minority of genetically blessed humans, or they look that way because it is their career to look that way. Just like you spend all day working in your career, these people perfect their bodies full-time to make a living.

Unless you are a professional fitness model yourself, you are a competitive bodybuilder, or compete in fitness competitions, please do not put these images on your motivation board. In the end, they will not have a positive effect on your psyche and self-confidence.

OK! Now that I’ve got that off my chest… here is what a motivation board should be:

Validating: It should contain images or quotes that are encouraging and acknowledge your strengths, progress, and effort.

Realistic: See rant above. No fitness model photos, please.

Positive: It should not be belittling or contain anything such as “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” Instead, we’re looking for things like “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” (A favorite Japanese proverb of mine. There’s a printout for you below!)

Meaningful: Are you losing weight and getting healthy and fit so that you’ll be better able to play with your kids? Put some pictures of their smiling happy faces to remind you why you need to stay focused.

Not all about weight: This should not be a collection of numbers from a scale. Of course, you know I hate numbers. Include all sorts of things that contribute to your health and happiness, because those are directly related to weight loss.

Fun!: It doesn’t have to be all serious. Get creative or silly or wild. Hey, make a weight loss motivation WALL if you’re one of those people that goes big or goes home. No one said it has to be a board. Don’t box yourself in like that.

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5 Steps to Create Your Motivation Board

  1. Get a board. You can buy one of those cork boards or white dry erase boards, or you can get a piece of cardboard. Break down that big Amazon box and use that! Or as I said before, use a wall!
  2. Gather images and sayings you like. We’ll talk more about ideas in the next section.
  3. Post your collection. Tack them up there on their own, or get creative with pens, pencils, markers, construction paper and glue, glitter, beads, string! You get the idea. If you’re crafty, have fun with this!
  4. Hang your board. If you’ve used your entire wall proceed to step 5.
  5. Look at it. Don’t make your board and never look at it. Look at it every day! If you’ve put up a checklist or a calendar on which you’re checking off workouts or water consumed, make sure to fill it in every day.

Voila! You have yourself a motivation board.

Ideas for Your Board

Now that you know how to create a weight loss motivation board, what should you post, and where should you find it?

The “what” is going to vary widely from person to person. What resonates most with you? What best represents your goals? What will be most helpful? I recommend a mix of meaningful sayings, validations, mantras, images and perhaps a checklist or calendar on which you can record the daily goals you’ve achieved.

Here are a few images of motivation boards I found on the internet that I think are good examples. Of course, you need to create your own board, so these are just to get the creative juices flowing.

weight loss motivation boardweight loss motivation board

weight loss motivation board ideas


Aren’t these great? They are everything I like to see in a weight loss motivation board. And they’re really not that hard to make.

The internet is the best place to find your ideas or images. Just spend some time searching around for things that resonate with you. Make sure they resonate with YOU. They shouldn’t just be things that you think should go on a weight loss motivation board. Really spend some time cultivating this.

Here are some images and words I have collected for you to get started. Pick and choose what you like and then use this as a springboard for your own ideas.

First, here’s a downloadable PDF Weekly Goal Planner

Weight loss motivation inspiration weight loss motivation board


Weight loss motivation inspiration weight loss motivation board

Weight loss motivation inspiration weight loss motivation boardWeight loss motivation inspiration weight loss motivation board


Weight loss motivation inspiration weight loss motivation board



Well, hopefully this has given you some motivation to start creating your weight loss motivation board! You don’t have to do it all at once. Just do a little at a time. No need to make it stressful!

Also, your weight loss motivation board doesn’t have to be static. You can change it up as you go along! You can use putty or tacks so that everything is moveable and interchangeable. So keep things fresh and interesting—it’s the best way to stay motivated!

Did you try making a motivation board? I want to see it! Send a photo to team@trimtactics.com. I’ll be featuring some of your boards in a future post!

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Jody Braverman, NASM-CPT, NASM-FNS, PN1

Jody Braverman is a certified nutrition, fitness, and weight loss expert who has been working in the health & fitness industry for over two decades.

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